Saturday, 25. October 2014

EMF-Omega-News 25. October 2014

Friday, 24. October 2014

Legal and Public Health Problems of the Wireless Age

Wednesday, 22. October 2014

Grandmother, 72, spends £4,000 covering her house in 'anti wi-fi' paint after suffering health problems from wireless signals

Monday, 20. October 2014

Sharp increase in patients treated for brain tumors with unclear diagnosis in Sweden

Saturday, 18. October 2014

Former Nokia Technology Chief: Mobile phones wrecked my health

EMF-Omega-News 18. October 2014

Friday, 17. October 2014

Decreased Survival of Patients with Glioblastoma Multiforme who used Mobile and Cordless Phones

Thursday, 16. October 2014

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity means Peter Lloyd can't leave his house

Wednesday, 15. October 2014

The Effect of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields on Cells

DECT phones to be AVOIDED, the base station is the lethal unit

'Indians unaware of cellphone radiation danger'

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